Commercial Cleaning Services

Choosing a perfect match for your business

Commercial cleaning companies can offer a wide variety of products and services. Smaller companies may be more price effective than a national company chain but they may provide less services. Before searching for a cleaning service decide what needs to be cleaned, the cleaning frequency, and if available the general size of the space to be cleaned.

What are some commercial cleaning businesses

Many niche cleaning companies exist to help clean that specific need more efficiently. Cleaning companies that provide specific services versus a wide variety will likely provide a better end result. If you are looking for a lot of interior and exterior glass to be cleaned its a good idea to search for window cleaners. If your looking for your VCT floors to get stripped and waxed you will receive better pricing and a much better end product using a business that specifically strips and waxes floors.

Think of it this way, if you want a new roof on your home you most likely would call someone who does kitchen remodeling.

Cleaning businesses and expectations

It is extremely important that once you find the proper cleaning services for your needs that you detail exactly what needs to be done. The more detailed you can be the better the result will be. Never expect that just saying “basic cleaning” in regards to any space will result in the type of cleaning you want. If moving things off the desks and spraying them with cleaner is important than you need to let them know. If cleaning fans, light fixtures, baseboards, heating vents, etc. are important to you than you need to let them know.

It is hard to hold a cleaning company accountable for areas they missed especially if they didn’t understand the entire scope of work to be completed.