We clean a wide range of commercial buildings in New Hampshire. Our staff are insured, bonded, and highly trained to handle your commercial facility's cleaning needs. We constantly research and review the cleaning supplies and techniques we use. This insures the best products and services are being provided to your business.

Country Clubs

Keeping bathrooms, glass, floors, etc. clean will keep visitors and members happy


Flexible cleaning schedules to accommodate your facility


Dedicated cleaning staff that are familiar with unique spaces

Staffing Offices

Our employees are well trained, insured, bonded, and background checked



We provide staff that are well trained, insured, and bonded. Our staff are trained to be consistent and detailed with each and every assigned account.

Supervisors are also trained for specific accounts to check for cleaning quality and consistency. That prevents bathrooms from being missed, office trash from being missed, paper products going empty, and more.

Quality and consistency in every cleaning is our promise to you and what we strive for each and every day.

Titan Cleaning Services

Offering the latest in cleaning technology

One of New Hampshire's leading commercial cleaning service providers. We are family owned and operated. Our promise to you is we will provide the best service and the best price for all our existing and future
customers to ensure long lasting business relationships. This means keeping up with the latest in cleaning technology.

As with every industry technology changes. We have found one of the best floors scrubbers available. It can clean all types of floors in commercial facility's.
It is the Tenant i-Mop. This is a style floor machine that has the power of a large floor scrubber but the maneuverability of a small floor scrubber. The i-MOP uses two lithium ion batteries that provide cleaning power for one and a half hours. The maneuverability and long lasting battery run time enables us to clean over 30,000 sq. ft. of flooring.

Lastly, the i-Mop is light yet powerful and it can clean everything from VCT tile to hardwood floors without any issues.

About Us

Common Area Cleaning done by a professional

In an office, apartment, and or a condominium building each tenant is typically responsible for cleaning their own space or unit. Before visitors like potential clients or guests can get to the tenant or residents space, they likely have to walk through a common area in the building.
Heavy foot traffic and extreme weather conditions leads to these common areas being prone to scuffing, cobwebs, increase amount of salt during winter months, staining, and overall deterioration from foot traffic.
Keeping floors, walls, glass, and surfaces clean in your common areas can keep tenants and residents happier.

Office Buildings

Property inspections to ensure cleaning quality and consistency based on your businesses needs


Well trained staff that are consistent and held the highest cleaning standards


Flexible cleaning schedules available to accommodate your business

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