COVID-19 Manchester, NH – – Getting ready to re-open businesses

COVID-19 Manchester, New Hampshire – Building, Office, HOA, Restaurants, Bars, Churchs, Museums, Etc.

May 4th for many businesses can’t come soon enough for many New Hampshire Businesses.  I know first hand the impact that COVID-19 has had.  Currently we are down 40% and because of the drastic decrease in revenue we have had to reduce hours and let employees go.  We have applied and are awaiting assistance from the SBA with hopes to cover employee wages, help on paying bills, and get us prepared to start back up once the stay-at-home order comes to an end.

With so much uncertainty one thing is certain and that is the need to keep businesses clean and sanitary now and moving forward.  As consumers, and employees start to go back and revisit businesses and work environments that close making sure to have a clear and concise cleaning plan in place is necessary to ease the minds of everyone.  Weather your businesses uses a cleaning company or not the need to have a visible plan for consumers and employee.  Concept plan 1:

  1. List out the type(s) of cleaning products used
  2. List out where they are kept
  3. List out how often they are used to include where they are used. Meaning are disinfectants being applied to light switches, doorknobs, glass, etc.
  4. Provide a point of contact for consumers and employees to reach out to with questions about the above
  5. Post as many best practice signs as possible in all restrooms, breakrooms, entryways, high traffic locations that you can. The posting should be informative and continue to explain best practices the CDC laid out
  6. Stock up on disinfectants when they are available to avoid running out and prevent the bleach/water mixture (Bleach can irritate skin, cause rashes etc. disinfectant sprays are easier on skin and don’t stain walls etc. like bleach can

For more information review the CDC guidelines and consult your local infectious disease department.