Can You Clean Your Office On Your Own?

Office Cleaning – Can you clean on your own?  Should you hire a professional company?

 Not every business needs a cleaning company.  With the proper plan in place a small office or office with less than 5 employees should be able to maintain the offices cleaning needs. 

First decide what day of the week certain things need to be done.  Here is an example:

  1. Monday vacuum and mop the office floors as needed. Heavily trafficked spaces such as bathrooms, entrances, and break areas will need a more thorough cleaning.  Areas that get used less frequently can be spot checked for paper, cobwebs, and floor smudges.
  2. Wednesday and Fridays clean the office restroom(s) and restock as needed.
  3. Tuesday and Thursday clean the break room and glass if any or as needed. This would be entry way glass or interior glass such as door and wall partitions.
  4. Fridays remove trash and order more supplies if needed.

Again, these are examples, but after each day put someone in charge of that days cleaning.  Five days in a week with an office that has five employees means each day another person gets a turn to clean.  After everyone gets a turn rotate the days.  If someone cleans on Monday move them to Tuesday, the following week or month and so on.  If the office has less employees, you would either clean less frequently or divide the cleaning duties with the corresponding employees.

Cleaning companies may charge anywhere from $15 hr. to more than $50 hr.  A small office can save money not having to pay a professional to clean the space.  Just remember communication is key with regards to having everyone understand that day(s) they clean, what is expected for the cleaning, and understanding that this helps the office not have to spend money in this area. (Money that could be used for other areas)

If the above doesn’t look appealing to you and your office than a professional should be used.  Remember that proper sanitation in NH can help prevent the spread of germs.  Also, a clean office can help boost morale.