Common Area Cleaning Services Best Practices

The common areas of an apartment or commercial space see a lot of wear and tear. While some routine cleaning can and should be done by the building’s management, there are certain things that are best left to a professional cleaning company. Learn where you need to hire a professional cleaning company and why it can actually save money in the long run.

 Floors and Walls:

 In an office building or apartment, each tenant is responsible for their own space. Before visitors like potential clients can get to the tenant’s space, however, they likely have to walk through a common area. With plenty of foot traffic, these common areas are prone to scuffing, staining, and overall deterioration. If common areas are not cleaned regularly, then they are a visual signal to visitors and prospective tenants that the place is not worth their time. Keeping the floors and walls clean is an investment in the attractiveness and thus the overall value of the building. Not only that, but a regular deep clean of carpets is important to remove dirt and bacteria that can pose a threat to health.

  Modern Cleaning Products and Techniques:

 Cleaning products today for floors and walls can be highly specialized, but that often means that those who use them need to know what they’re doing. Instead of letting building staff experiment on valuable fixtures and wall covers, or use products that aren’t up to the task, it’s often cheaper and wiser to hire a cleaning company with trained individuals who know how to match the right tool to every task. This will produce longer-lasting results, sooner.

 Cleaning Strategies:

 Rather than leave a building’s upkeep to in-house staff, or rely solely on an outside cleaning company, many managers and superintendents go with both on a carefully developed schedule. In-house workers can manage the daily tasks like sweeping and tidying up. A professional cleaning company will usually work out a service contract for regular monthly, quarterly, or even annual tackling of heavy-duty jobs. They can also clean tough areas like bathrooms, break rooms, and office kitchens.

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