Best ways to vacuum carpet and hard surfaces

Winter in New Hampshire means non stop salt and sand for your office.  Here are a few ideas to help increase the life of your office’s carpets and hardwood flooring.

1. Vacuum often

This means every other day or weekly depending on the amount of foot traffic you have in your work space.  Why so often?  Do you see what salt and sand mixtures can do to pavement and concrete?  If left alone salt and sand will start to deteriorate carpet faster than normal becasue carpet fibers wern’t meant to withstand excessive amounts of calcium or potassium chloride (ice melt).  The fibers in most carpets aren’t meant to withstand heavily walked on spaces that have added calcium chloride to the mix (ice melt).  Vacuuming up excess salt and sand will prevent the fibers in your offices carpet from wearing down.  The cost to remove and replace carpeting because it turns unsightly can be more than the labor needed to vacuum those areas.

Hard wood flooring wasn’t meant to have calcium chloride left on it either.  Again, think about what ice melt does to pavement and concrete by means of deteriorating it.  The finish on your office’s hardwood flooring isn’t immune to ice melt and it will start to loose the finish faster.  That means eventually needing to sand and refinish the floors sooner.  That can be costly and inconvientant to your office staff.  Espessially if furniture needs to be moved.

2. Mop often

After the floors get vacuumed it is important to mop the space with a synthetic floor cleaner (neutrilizer). This will rinse the floor and clear up the ice melt residue better than water and soap.  Also, synthetic floor cleaner is safe for all floor types and doesn leave a chemical fill.  Mopping every other day or weekly will help your office’s hardwood flooring retain its finish longer.